Summer Internship FAQs


Do I have to give up my whole summer? I was hoping to spend some time with my family!
The internship doesn't take up your whole summer; just June and July. Most students will have a little over a month (combining May and August) to spend with their families or doing other summer activities.

Is the internship paid? What if I wanted to work this summer?
The internship is not paid. However, because it only takes up a handful of hours during your week, you can be available to work a part or full-time job while interning. In fact, we would encourage our interns to get at least a part-time job somewhere in our city!

Conway is a growing college city, and many jobs have openings during the summer while most students are out of town. You can easily pick up hours around town during the summer!

What if I can't make it to everything throughout the week?
Again, participation is up to you. You are encouraged to be involved as much as possible throughout the week. However, if for some reason you just can't make it to something, that's okay. We can still be friends.

What if I already have travel plans in June or July?
You are free to come and go throughout the summer if you have already made travel plans with family or other important commitments. How much time you invest in the internship will directly affect how beneficial it is.

What if I don't have a place to live during the summer?
That can be arranged! We currently have spots immediately available for guys at the House on South (free of charge), and arrangements for girls can be made nearby. Contact if you need living arrangements for the summer.

Do I have to be a member of City Church to be an intern?
Absolutely not! You can join our internship even if you are not a regular church attender.

Ok, I'm interested, but I'm not sold yet. Who can I contact for more information?
Send an email to and we will get you connected to someone who can answer your questions! We hope you'll join us for the summer.