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The City Church SUMMER INTERNSHIP is an 8-week intensive summer opportunity for college students in the Conway, AR area. Over the 8 weeks, students will focus on four key areas of growth: Leadership, Vision, Scripture, and Service. 

For college students, the summer brings a lot of freedom and opportunity. So why not use the limited number of summers you have as a college student to grow in these key areas? AND, if you sign up before May 1, 2017, you'll get a free t shirt!

Spend the summer with us following Jesus & learning valuable lessons that will impact the rest of your lives!




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Setup/Teardown/Sunday Gathering
Interns are expected to help with Setup and Teardown for our Sunday Gathering, as well as attending at least one of the services on Sundays.

Leader Training
This is for DNA Group Leaders only! Once per week, Group Leaders will gather with Internship Staff and go through Missional Community Training and DNA Training to prepare them to lead their groups that week. Breakfast is provided.

On Wednesday mornings, all interns will gather to grow in Leadership and Vision. We will be studying the book of 2 Timothy and reading through “The Fuel and The Flame” together. Breakfast is provided! 

City Serve
Once per week, we will spend time serving somewhere in our city. It may be with the city itself, non-profits, or individuals in the City Church Family. Bring your lunch to the HOS at noon. After lunch we will head out to whatever project we are working on. Depending on the project, the time may vary week-to-week.

DNA Groups
Once per week (Tue-Sat), DNA Groups will meet together for 1 hour to spend time in their journals and DNA discussion. The time and place will be up to group members.

Optional Workshops
Throughout the summer, different speakers will be brought in to address multiple different topics, relevant to following Jesus in the everyday stuff of life.



DATES: June 4th-July 29th

COST: $50/student*

Signup Deadline:  May 21

*Sign Up before May 1 to get a free T Shirt! Cost covers printed materials, books, & one meal per week. Students are responsible for arranging their own accommodations.