We believe it is God’s desire that our community allow the gospel to transform every aspect of our lives—particularly marriages, producing great joy and demonstrating what God is like to those around us.

Our culture (even within churches) tends to view marriage more as a means of self-gratification than a covenant relationship for the sake of God’s kingdom.  It is tempting to make good things, such as love, romance and marriage into ultimate things in our lives, settling for less than the true satisfaction that is ours in Jesus.

Knowing the marriages in our community are vital in being effective ambassadors of the gospel, we take preparing for marriage very seriously.


Main Aspects of the Pre-Marital Process

Information:  Do we understand and believe what the Bible says about marriage?

Skills:  Do we know how to put Biblical teaching on communication, conflict resolution, budgeting, parenting, sexuality, etc. into practice in everyday life motivated by the gospel?

Accountability:  Do we have close relationships with peers and leaders that provide a context for growth toward maturity during the pre-marital process and after the wedding?


Ideal Process

Please don’t see this as a bunch of hoops to jump through so you are guaranteed you will have the perfect marriage or to please some leader in the church. It really is to love you well by preparing you for marriage.  It is possible the pastors leading you may ask for you to add or change something in this process.

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