The Bible tells us that God created man in His image. This wasn't a mistake or a haphazard accident. God had a goal in mind. He wanted man to represent His character and nature in the world. Have you ever considered what this means today?

We want to invite all of our men to join us for our annual Brotherhood retreat on May 18th-19th at Ozark Conference Center in central Arkansas. Our desire for this retreat is that men would have an opportunity to connect with one another and engage in a worshipful, refreshing experience that will energize and encourage you to more faithfully pursue what God created man to be. This will be a retreat you don't want to miss. Be sure to register and we look forward to seeing you there!

Cost: $30


This includes lodging and activities for the weekend, as well as all meals starting with dinner on Friday night and ending with lunch on Saturday.


To make this weekend's teachings and times of rest take life we ask that you make the decision to leave those things behind that might hinder rest for you. You need to bring the following:

  • Shower towel
  • Soap/Shampoo
  • Bedding/linens (bunkhouse only)
  • Toothbrush/Toothpaste
  • Athletic shoes
  • 2-3 changes of clothes to sweat in
  • Bible, journal, and pen