What is a Child Dedication?

Well, it's not magic, that's for sure! As any parent knows, kids are unpredictable, and parenting isn't easy. But family can make it a lot easier! When you're a part of the City Church family, you won't have to parent alone. We are here to help bear that burden with you. 

A Baby Dedication is a public request and agreement with the City Church family to allow your child to be parented by others besides just yourself, as we follow Jesus and lead others to do the same.

The Bible says children are a blessing. That makes City Church a very blessed family. There are already dozens upon dozens of kids among the families who call City Church home!

We do child dedications for 3 reasons:

1. We love kids. God has blessed us with children, so we want to seize any and every opportunity to bless them.

2. We support parents. Parents that participate will have the chance to come on stage, introduce themselves to the family, read a bible verse of their choosing over the child being dedicated, and publicly commit to teach and demonstrate the love of Jesus to their child in every way possible.

3. City Church is a family. Parents will certainly make a commitment to God, but the family as a whole will make a commitment, too. The City Church family will commit together to be there for the families on stage through prayer and encouragement, believing true community is the environment in which God grows us into the people he has designed us to be.

If you have young children and would like to participate, fill out the form below containing your child’s name, a Bible verse you’d like to share w and a picture of your child. Also, take advantage of the fact that people who would normally never join our Sunday gathering will consider doing so if it is an important day for your family. Pray about who you should invite to celebrate with us!

So, if you're a part of the family and want to take part in our next Child Dedication, sign up here!

Next Child Dedication: TBD

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